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Student Financial Checklist

Getting Started Guide for Students

You can download this sample billing statement. (PDF) It has highlights explaining the various portions of your bill.

For currently enrolled students and active VT faculty and staff, the statement is generated electronically and stored on our e-billing and payment system. No paper bill is sent to students, faculty and staff!

An email is sent to the VT email address (the address) notifying customers and their authorized payers that a bill has been generated and is ready for viewing. Within the e-billing system, users can view their current account statement and statement history, as well as view and print a pdf version of these statements.

If you are expecting a statement but have not received an email stating one has been generated for you, check any email filtering software that your email provider may use to see if it is being blocked. In order to ensure that you receive important information about your student account it is recommended that you add to your contact list or allowed sender list, as appropriate for the mail system or client you are using. For information on how to control email messages being blocked by the Virginia Tech Junk Mail Manager, select here.

An electronic payment can be made by e-check or credit card or payment by paper check can be mailed along with the bottom portion of the pdf version of the statement. More important information about our e-billing and payment system can be found on our Viewing and Paying Bills Online page .

Customers other than students, faculty and staff will receive paper statements from Virginia Tech.

Welcome to Virginia Tech and our university community!

Complete the items below from the student financial checklist to prepare for the upcoming semester.   While several of these will need to be repeated throughout your college career, authorizations and access will continue unless you take actions to remove. Click here for a brief introductory video.

1. Access the Student Portal (Hokie SPA)

Log into Hokie SPA at with your username and password.

2. Accept or Decline Financial Aid

  • Select My Award Information from the Financial Aid Information menu to view, accept, reduce, or decline offered loans and federal work study.  

3. Report Scholarships and Other Assistance

4. Authorize Payment of Miscellaneous Charges

Federal financial aid regulations require the student give the university permission to apply any excess Title IV federal funds (for example, Stafford Loans, Pell Grants and Perkins Loans) to any non-institutional charges on the student account that are within the same aid year as the federal financial aid.

5. Enroll in Direct Deposit

Select Enroll in Direct Deposit from  the online enrollment system within the Hokie SPA to ensure easy transfer of funds to your bank for refund of excess aid, payroll, and travel stipends.

6. Grant Access to Parents and Families

Create a FERPA passcode for yourself, a parent or family members

Your records are protected under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). If you want others to be able to communicate with Virginia Tech about your records you have to give permission. Enter the individual’s information and assign an 8 character passcode. Inform the authorized individual of their passcode. We recommend setting up a passcode for yourself at the same time in case you need to call an administrative office for assistance.

Set up a parent or family member so they can pay on your behalf.
Allow parents and family members to make payments on your student account by using the following :

Set up a guest account for parents and family members.
Authorize the release of your financial aid information, academic progress, cost of attendance, and/or Hokie Passport transaction history to selected individuals by creating a guest account.

7.  Review eBill

  • The Bursar's Office generates billing statements at least monthly for new account activity with full payment due by the statement posted due date.

8. Pay Tuition & Fees

  • Learn about your payment options.

Parents and Family Members

First time paying a Virginia Tech eBill? The student will have to grant you access.