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Authorized Payers

What is an “Authorized Payer?"

Someone to whom the student has given permission to view and pay their tuition and fees. Usually this is a parent, but it can be anyone.

An Authorized Payer:

  • gets an email notice when new bill is ready
  • sees the same statement and history as the student
  • can view all new charge activity in detail
  • can securely store payment profiles for easy transactions
  • needs additional access to setup installment plan

A student can establish up to 5 authorized payers on their account. The login names and passwords never expire, and authorized payers (or students) can change the email address for eBill notifications should it ever need to be changed.

Authorized payer access cannot be used to pay tuition scholarships. Sponsors can contact for invoice or scholarship payment options.

Students can revoke the access of an authorized payer at any time.

How Authorized Payments Work

  1. Authorized Payers and the student will receive an email notification (eBill) each time a statement is generated.
  2. You can view and print your student's eBills.
  3. You can make online payments on your student's behalf. Read more about payment options.
  4. You can save payment account information under a Payment Profile. The student cannot see your saved payment profiles.
  5. Every time an Authorized Payer makes a payment, the student is sent an email informing them of the payment made on their account.

Set up Authorized Payer


Want to allow someone else to view and pay your Virginia Tech eBills?

Parents & Family

First time paying a Virginia Tech eBill? The student will have to grant you access.