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Parents & Family - Set Up the Budget Tuition Plan

Hokie Wallet is the financial hub for parents and families of Virginia Tech students.

Students should use Hokie SPA to either enroll into the Budget Tuition Plan or authorize a parent or guest.

  1. Login to the Student Hokie SPA
  2. Select 'Payment Plan'
  3. Access 'View and Pay eBill'
  4. To authorized a parent or guest, go to 'My Account' , select 'Send  a payer invitation' , and complete information as required. The  autourized payer will receive an email instructing them to set their permanent password within 48 hours.

You must enroll each semester.

To authorize a parent or guest choose Add New under the Parent PINs menu item and complete information as required.  Next, the new Parent PIN will receive an email instructing them to set their permanent password within 48 hours.

Set up an Authorized Payer 


Want to set up someone to pay your tuition and fees in installments? 

Parents & Families

First time enrolling in the  Virginia Tech Budget Tuition Plan? The account holder will have to grant you access.

Request an Authorized Payer Access